Humanly I would want to take a $20 as a form of comensation

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KnockOff Handbags I read a facebook post from a guy that said Ten Commandments was his favourite film and that it always comes on around Easter. My question as a Torah observant person is, why is a film adaption of a story about the Hebrews leaving Egypt to become their Replica Bags own nation Replica Bags Wholesale being played around Easter when Jesus is Hebrew and would have nothing to do with the Exodus that Moses led because Jesus was not even born yet. Yes, Jesus and Moses are both Hebrew. But, Jesus is not even mentioned in Exodus because again, Jesus has not been born at the time of Exodus. Just like King Fake Handbags David is not mentioned in Wholesale Replica Bags Genesis because David has not been born yet. So for the life of me I cannot understand why a story about the Fake Designer Bags birth of the nation of Israel is played around Replica Designer Handbags the time of the alleged ressurection of the Naraiene. KnockOff Handbags

Replica Handbags I read another Facebook post speaking on a 65 year old man marrying a 12 year old female. I do recognise the extreme age difference between the man and the female, but I was most concerned with knowing if the 12 year old had her cycle or not. If she had not, then she is still a girl or child and this idea is a dead issue because Allah does not sanction men to marry girls as girls Replica Handbags are seen as children. However, if the 12 year Handbags Replica old has had her first cycle then according to the Torah, the 12 year old is now a woman and no longer a girl. If the 12 year old is a woman, I have to ask important questions in determining if the marriage is a good idea. I need to Handbags Replica know if the Fake Designer Bags young woman fully understands what she is getting into with the man and if she is at peace with marrying him. Once I find out the truth of all this. I then would have to strongly warn them of the opposition Fake Handbags that is Fake Designer Bags soon to come their way and find out if the two as a couple can deal with all this pressure. I would do all this thinking because this is how a tribal elder would judge. I did tried to explain all this to some ladies on Facebook, but some how I don’t think they understood where I was coming from and only heard me saying “I am okay with a 65 year old man marrying and eventually having sex with a 12 year old child” which I never said anything of the sort. Replica Handbags

Fake Handbags The more I tried to explain how Allah gages maturity in the Torah, the less the ladies understood me. to look at cultural customs from the far east. Customs that closely resemble what the books of the Hebrew bible speak of. Customs that I am certain if they were able to go back to right before slavery started these ladies would find that their tribal elder women and men thought the same way. The reality is that because the women I spoke with are unfortunately westernised. They cannot see life from a Hebrew view let alone a tribal view because their hearts and minds are conditions to accept only what the United States says as law. Fake Handbags

Designer Replica Bags By the time this article ins published replica Purse on my website many of you will have already had your Easter dinner and be preparing for work on Monday or are at work now. But regardless of where you are physically right now, I wanted to address an issue that has bothered me ever since I realised the truth of it. Many know that Jesus was born in the city of Bethlehem. replica handbags china But for whatever reason, those who know what city Jesus was born in cannot connect the dots on the state wholesale replica designer handbags that Bethlehem is in, which is Israel, a Jewish state. What’s more is while these same people who cannot connect Bethlehem KnockOff Handbags to Israel, they also cannot connect Israel to what is commonly called Judaism. Its like their brain shuts down when they have to think about this. So, if Jesus is from Israel that would make him Jewish. Why do black people see Jesus as 01 black and 02 as Christian? Even better, why do black people willingly take Jesus out of his Jewish culture and make the Nazarene black as thought Jesus is no longer Hebrew at all? Designer Replica Bags

wholesale replica designer handbags My words come from a post I read where a guy was wearing a shirt speaking of Jesus as a gangsta. The problem with the shirt is that to say Jesus is a gangsta is to say Jesus was into organised crime, which is inaccurate even to the language of the Gospels (no matter how flawed they are). Only the hypocrites of the Law accuse cheap replica handbags Jesus of being a cheap replica handbags criminal, but their charge false. So even if the guy was suggesting that Jesus was a criminal, he was not suggesting so from the view of the teachers of the Law. The guy went on to say that Jesus was also his god and king. Both of which are also inaccuracies. Nowhere in the gospels does Jesus remotely suggest he’s Allah in person. If Jesus had suggested this, Jesus would not be a Jew. The reason I say this is because Allah in his talk with Moses at Mount Sinai made it clear that any human that would dare to suggest purse replica handbags or compare himself to Allah, the king of Israel, that human was to be stoned on the spot. There is reason Stephen was stoned in Acts KnockOff Handbags of The Apostles. I am certain that there will be at least one reader that refers to the passage where Jesus is saying “I and my father are one”. This is for lack of better wording a figure of speech. The words only suggest within the context of the Torah that Allah and Jesus are of like mind. That is literally all the passage suggests. Allah’s figurative son is Jacob whom Allah in Torah book 01 Genesis renamed Israel (meaning prince of the King or son of the King). If Jesus was to be the new king of Israel it would mean that Allah was sick or dying which means that a son of Allah would have to be crowned King to ensure that the nation of Israel always had a ruler. Considering the reality that we are talking replica handbags online about a spirit reality as king, we know that spirits can’t die, which means Allah is not leaving his thrown for Jesus to take it. wholesale replica designer handbags

Handbags Replica If Allah is eternal and can’t die, how does Allah die on the cross? I guess based on what I just said above about Allah, Jesus and kingship, this question is a bit mute. But, I cheap replica handbags will go through with it anyway. Sorry, but I have to ask. Not air (which is what a spirit is in essence). If Allah is really Jesus, why isn’t the word Jesus anywhere in any Tanakh book? Why in the Gospels do I need Jesus to get to Allah, when in the Torah Moses is talking to Allah without a go between (which is what Jesus is). Handbags Replica

Designer Fake Bags Well, I think I have ruffled enough feathers. I am going to go now, and wait for your thoughts. Designer Fake Bags

Fake Designer Bags There is a part of me that says take the money and leave the credit cards. Or take the money and report all the cards stolen so that the person has to wait Fake Designer Bags until new cards arrive to use the cards so that prayerfully a Replica Bags lesson of patience is learned. Humanly I would want to take a $20 as a form of comensation for the trouble I was put through. I could only apply the idea of the cash being fair game if there was no Replica Handbags wallet with the cash or identification in the wallet. BUT, if there are credit cards, I cannot bring myself to take what does not belong to me. I’d need Allah’s sanction to do than. I would find the person give them back their wallet and let them know that I am being the bigger person by returning what someone else would not. Fake Designer Bags

aaa replica designer handbags After reading all this. Here is my understanding. aaa replica designer handbags

replica Purse Shontell, here’s where you and China missed the mark. Anita is VERY, VERY, private. Anita does not like being replica handbags online seen as a celebrity in public. Anita prefers to be seen as replica Purse another person. The fact that aaa replica designer handbags you (Shontell) spoke to Anita as you did “Miss Baker, I love your music”, this is fan speech, not peer speech (which is how you are suggesting you spoke to Anita). As for Anita speaking she is not Miss Baker, but Miss Wilson, I can’t speak to that. It is very possible Anita said Miss Wilson to throw you off, Shontell. But, lets replica bags consider the fact that Anita doesn’t know her natural mother. Maybe the way Anita saw China with Shontell Anita was angry because she wished her mother was there for her the way Shontell is for China. replica Purse

Replica Designer Handbags Then there is the question of Shontell,where did see Anita at? If Anita is saying that she is having a personal, private moment because she is filling out her passport, why are you bothering Anita, Shontell? If you felt so pressed to speak to Anita, Shontell, it might have been wiser to say pardon me, or excuse me first before speaking. But from what is in Shontell’s tweet, there does Replica Designer Handbags not appear to be any sign of public conversation etiquette. Replica Designer Handbags

purse replica handbags I found a Stephon that has been taught on some level to hate his skin colour. There are alleged tweets where Stephon is bashing Black Lives Matter as something he wanted nothing to do with because Black Lives wholesale replica designer handbags Matter was about black people. If there are tweets from Stephon attacking Black Lives Matter, I’d say those negative KnockOff Handbags tweets were from a different time in Stephon’s life. Therefore, we cannot hold Stephon’s past self over his head if Stephon was changing mentally, which his tweets about Baelena suggest he was. purse replica handbags

replica handbags online What Replica Bags we can say is that while his mind was changing, Stephon was engaged in an internal war between peace possibly through Islam (as some of his tweets imply) particularly those featuring his widow Baelena) replica handbags china and strong desire for money to get the peace Stephon was after in flesh. There is only one tweet where Stephon speaks of black women as ugly. But, in truth, I would have to ask, what inspired that tweet? The reason I have to ask is, if Stephon loves his grandmother as much as I can feel that he does, and equally loves his mother. replica handbags online

high quality replica handbags Then Stephon clearly does not have a fully hate of black women. If Stephon says that he has a preference, I have not read it. But, even if Stephon does, his preference does not mean Stephon hates black women. Again, if Stephon is focused on money more than anything else he purse replica handbags would mention xbox perhaps because he seriously wants an Xbox. The only thing Stephon (in flesh) might have a strong dislike, or even hate for is the way people have been protesting. Yes, Stephon had an Replica Bags issue with the Sacramento Police department, but not with the city of Sacramento. So while the protestors of Black Lives Matter mean well, I don’t think Stephon is pleased with protestors taking over city streets. Stephon is a more direct type of man, so he would want the “fight” taken only to the door step of Mayor Darrell Steinberg (the fake Jew) office at city hall and to the door step of the Sacramento Police. This would be the best way to honour Stephon in flesh. high quality replica handbags

cheap replica handbags Its true. police officers. The unarmed officer is obligated to turn on replica handbags china a body camera that is required to be on every officer every time the officer is cheap replica handbags checking tickets and the officer MUST go from person to person. The officer IS NOT allowed to choose riders at random to check tickets. cheap replica handbags

Replica Bags Wholesale In real time, the way this new policy of the Bay Area train system works is. The fare inspector replica handbags china on the train acts in the same fashion a fare inspector on Fake Designer Bags Caltrain does. The officer goes from car to car and checks tickets with a device designed to tell the agent if the persons clipper card or wholesale replica designer handbags paper ticket is paid or not. board of directors back in Fall of 2017. The rule was to go into effect in January of 2018. But, the board decided to give riders who are violating the system a month to get their act together., be prepared to show a ticket inspector your paid ticket. If you are found in violation of fare, be prepared to receive a citation Replica Bags Wholesale.

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